Who are we?

Lab memberRoleEmail 
George PerryProfessorgeorge.perry @ auckland.ac.nz
James BrockPost-doc (with Dr. Bruce Burns, SBS)j.brock @ auckland.ac.nz
Hayley AlenaPhD student (with Janet Wilmshurst)
Seed dispersal by lizards
hpik188 @ aucklanduni.ac.nz
Quinn AsenaPhD student (with Janet Wilmshurst)
Identifying tipping points in palaeoecological systems
q.asena @ auckland.ac.nz
Sandra AndersonSBS research technician and PhD student
The role of plant-animal mutualisms in the pollination and seed dispersal of the NZ flora
sh.anderson @ auckland.ac.nz
André BellvéPhD student (with Janet Wilmshurst)
Reconstructing spatially emergent ecological functions of extinct animals
abel122 @ aucklanduni.ac.nz
Finn LeePhD student
Modelling metacommunity dynamics in dendritic networks
finnbar.lee @ auckland.ac.nz
Bree PowersPhD student
Evaluating ecosystem service provisioning in multi-functional landscapes
b.powers @ auckland.ac.nz
Tristran WebbPhD student
Agent-based modelling of fire regime change in NZ's prehistoric period
tweb146 @ aucklanduni.ac.nz