Lab publication list

Below is a list of publications authored by members of the P-lab; the first time a member is mentioned their name is hyperlinked to their Google Scholar profile.
  • Perry, G.L.W. & Lee, F. 2019. How does temporal variation in habitat connectivity influence metapopulation dynamics? Oikos, In press. Journal
  • Yletyinen, J., Brown, P., Pech, R., … Perry, G.L.W., … Tylianaksi, J. 2019. Understanding and managing social-ecological tipping points in primary industries. Biosciences, In press.
  • Nield, A., Enright, N.J., Ladd, P. & Perry, G.L.W. 2019. Detecting plant spatial pattern change after disperser loss: a simulation and a case study. Population Ecology, In press.
  • Cui, X., Alam, M.A., Perry, G.L.W., Paterson, A.M., Wyse, S.V. and Currant, T.J. 2019. Green firebreaks as a management tool for wildfires: lessons from China. Journal of Environmental Management 233: 329-336. Journal
  • Atkins, J.L., Perry, G.L.W. & Dennis, T.E. 2019. Effects of mis-alignment between dispersal traits and landscape structure on dispersal success in fragmented landscapes. Royal Society Open Science 6: 181702. Open access
  • Brock, J.M.R., Burns, B.R., Perry, G.L.W. & Lee, W.G. 2019. Gametophyte niche differences among sympatric tree ferns. Biology Letters 15: 20180659. Journal