P-lab publication list

This is a list of publications authored by members of the P-lab since 2019; the first time a member is mentioned, their name is hyperlinked to their Google Scholar profile. Links are to the journal web-site.  For older papers check out George’s Google Scholar profile.


  • Johanna Yletyinen, J., Perry, G.L.W., Burge, O.R., Mason, N.W.H. & Stahlmann-Brown, P. 2021. Invasion landscapes as social-ecological systems: role of social factors in invasive plant species control. People and Nature, Open access.
  • Yletyinen J., Perry G.L.W., Brown P., Pech R. & Tylianakis J.M. (2021) Multiple social network influences can generate unexpected environmental outcomes. Scientific Reports. 11: Article number: 9768. Open access.
  • Perry, G.L.W. 2021. How far might plant-eating dinosaurs have moved seeds? Biology Letters 17: 20200689. Journal. See also this NY Times write-up!
  • Macinnis-Ng, C., Mcintosh, A. R., Monks, J.M., Waipara, N., White, R.S., Boudjelas, S., Clark, C.D., Clearwater, M.J., Currant, T.J., Dickinson, K.J., Nelson, N., Perry, G.L.W., Richardson, S.J., Stanley, M.C. & Peltzer, D. 2021. Climate-change impacts exacerbate conservation threats in island systems: New Zealand as a case study. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 19: 216-224. Journal.
  • Perry, G.L.W., & McGlone, M.S. 2021. Networks and themes in the publications of the New Zealand Ecological Society over the last six decades. New Zealand Journal of Ecology 45 (1). Open access.


  • Peralta G., Vázquez D.P., Chacoff N.P., Lomáscolo S.B., Perry, G.L.W. & Tylianakis J.M. 2020. Trait matching and phenological overlap increase the spatio-temporal stability and functionality of plant-pollinator interactions. Ecology Letters 23: 1107-1116. Journal.
  • Perry, G.L.W., Miller, B.P., Lamont, B.B. & Enright, N.J. 2020. Matrix-level co-occurrence metrics are sensitive to sampling grain: a case study in species-rich shrublands. Plant Ecology 221: 1083-1090. Journal.
  • Peralta, G., Perry, G.L.W., Vázquez, D.P., Dehling, D.M. & Tylianakis, J.M. 2020. Strength of niche processes for species interactions is lower for generalists and exotic species. Journal of Animal Ecology 89: 2145-2155. Journal.
  • Powers, B.F., Ausseil, A.G. & Perry, G.L.W. 2020. Ecosystem service management and spatial prioritisation in a multifunctional landscape in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. Australasian Journal of Environmental Management 27: 275-293. Journal.
  • Cui, X., Paterson, A.M., Alam, M.A., Wyse, S.V., Marshall, K., Perry, G.L.W. & Curran, T.J. .2020. Shoot‐level flammability across the Dracophyllum (Ericaceae) phylogeny: evidence for flammability being an emergent property in a land with little fire. New Phytologist 228: 95-105. Journal.
  • Carter, Z. T., Perry, G.L.W. & Russell, J.R. 2020. Determining the underlying structure of insular isolation measures. Journal of Biogeography 47: 955-967. Journal.
  • Cui, X., Paterson, A.M., Wyse, S.V., Alam, M.A., Maurin, K.J.L., Pieper, R., Padullés Cubino, J., O’Connell, D.M., Donkers, D., Bréda, J., Buckley, H.L., Perry, G.L.W. & Curran, T.J. 2020. Shoot flammability of vascular plants is phylogenetically conserved and related to habitat fire-proneness and growth form. Nature Plants 6: 355–359. Journal.
  • Brock, J.M.R., Morales, N.S., Burns, B.R. & Perry, G.L.W. 2020. The hare, tortoise and crocodile revisited: Tree fern facilitation of conifer persistence and angiosperm growth in simulated forests. Journal of Ecology 108: 969-981. Journal.
  • Latham, A.D.M., Latham, M.C., Wilmshurst, J.M., Forsyth, D.M., Gormley, A.M., Pech, R.P., Perry, G.L.W., and Wood, J.R. 2020. A refined model of body mass and population density in flightless birds reconciles extreme bimodal population estimates for extinct moa. Ecography 43: 353-364. Journal.
  • Alam, M.A., Wyse, S.V., Buckley, H.L., Perry, G.L.W., Sullivan, J.J., Mason, N.W.H. Buxton, R., Richardson, S.J. & T. J. Curran. 2020. Shoot flammability is decoupled from leaf flammability, but controlled by leaf functional traits. Journal of Ecology 108: 641-653. Journal.
  • Nield, A.P., Nathan, R., Enright, N.J., Ladd, P.G. & Perry, G.L.W. 2020. The spatial complexity of seed movement: Animal‐generated seed dispersal patterns in fragmented landscapes revealed by animal movement models. Journal of Ecology 108: 687-701. Journal.


  • Paterson, G., Perry, G.L.W.., Walker, T.S.J. & Suckling, M.D. 2019. Peri-urban community attitudes towards codling moth trapping and suppression using the sterile insect technique in New Zealand. Insects 10: 335. Open access.
    Lee, F. & Perry, G.L.W. 2019. Assessing the role of off‐take and source–sink dynamics in the extinction of the amphidromous New Zealand grayling (Prototroctes oxyrhynchus). Freshwater Biology 64: 1747-1754. Journal. See media reports at The Newsroom, NZ Herald, The Scoop.
    Perry, G.L.W. & Lee, F. 2019. How does temporal variation in habitat connectivity influence metapopulation dynamics? Oikos 128: 1277-1286. Journal.
    Yletyinen, J., Brown, P., Pech, R., … Perry, G.L.W., … Tylianakis, J. 2019. Understanding and managing social-ecological tipping points in primary industries. Biosciences 69: 335-347. Journal
    Nield, A., Enright, N.J., Ladd, P. & Perry, G.L.W. 2019. Detecting plant spatial pattern change after disperser loss: a simulation and a case study. Population Ecology 61:333-348. Journal
    Cui, X., Alam, M.A., Perry, G.L.W., Paterson, A.M., Wyse, S.V. and Currant, T.J. 2019.Green firebreaks as a management tool for wildfires: lessons from China. Journal of Environmental Management233: 329-336. Journal
    Atkins, J.L., Perry, G.L.W. & Dennis, T.E. 2019. Effects of mis-alignment between dispersal traits and landscape structure on dispersal success in fragmented landscapes. Royal Society Open Science 6: 181702. Open access
    Brock, J.M.R., Burns, B.R., Perry, G.L.W. & Lee, W.G. 2019. Gametophyte niche differences among sympatric tree ferns. Biology Letters 15: 20180659. Journal