P-lab publication list

This is a list of publications authored by members of the P-lab since 2020; Links are to the journal web-site.  For older papers check out George’s Google Scholar profile.


  • Brierley G, Li X, Fryirs K, Gao J, Shi Y, Perry GLW, Cullum C. 2022. Development of place-based catenal models for grassland ecosystems of the Upper Yellow River, Western China. Catena 213: 106193. Journal.
  • Cui X, Paterson AM, Perry GLW, Wyse SV, Alam MA, Huang C, Zhou S, Xiao L, Lai C, He F, Cao D, Marshall K, Curran TJ. 2022. Intraspecific variation in shoot flammability in Dracophyllum rosmarinifolium is not predicted by habitat environmental conditions. Forest Ecosystems 9: 100017. Journal.
  • Cunningham CX, PERRY GLW, Bowman DMJS, Forsyth DM, Driessen MM, Appleby M, Brook BW, Hocking G, Buettel JC, French BJ, Hamer R, Bryant SL, Taylor M, Gardiner R, Proft K, Scoleri VP, Chiu-Werner A, Travers T, Thompson L, Guy T, Johnson CN. 2022. Dynamics and predicted distribution of an irrupting ‘sleeper’ population: fallow deer in Tasmania. Biological Invasions 24: 1131–1147. Journal.


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  • Yletyinen, J., Perry, G.L.W., Burge, O.R., Mason, N.W.H. & Stahlmann-Brown, P. 2021. Invasion landscapes as social-ecological systems: role of social factors in invasive plant species control. People and Nature, Open access
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  • Perry, G.L.W. 2021. How far might plant-eating dinosaurs have moved seeds? Biology Letters 17: 20200689. Journal. See also this NY Times write-up!
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  • Peralta G., Vázquez D.P., Chacoff N.P., Lomáscolo S.B., Perry, G.L.W. & Tylianakis J.M. 2020. Trait matching and phenological overlap increase the spatio-temporal stability and functionality of plant-pollinator interactions. Ecology Letters 23: 1107-1116. Journal.
  • Perry, G.L.W., Miller, B.P., Lamont, B.B. & Enright, N.J. 2020. Matrix-level co-occurrence metrics are sensitive to sampling grain: a case study in species-rich shrublands. Plant Ecology 221: 1083-1090. Journal.
  • Peralta, G., Perry, G.L.W., Vázquez, D.P., Dehling, D.M. & Tylianakis, J.M. 2020. Strength of niche processes for species interactions is lower for generalists and exotic species. Journal of Animal Ecology 89: 2145-2155. Journal.
  • Powers, B.F., Ausseil, A.G. & Perry, G.L.W. 2020. Ecosystem service management and spatial prioritisation in a multifunctional landscape in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. Australasian Journal of Environmental Management 27: 275-293. Journal.
  • Cui, X., Paterson, A.M., Alam, M.A., Wyse, S.V., Marshall, K., Perry, G.L.W. & Curran, T.J. .2020. Shoot‐level flammability across the Dracophyllum (Ericaceae) phylogeny: evidence for flammability being an emergent property in a land with little fire. New Phytologist 228: 95-105. Journal.
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  • Brock, J.M.R., Morales, N.S., Burns, B.R. & Perry, G.L.W. 2020. The hare, tortoise and crocodile revisited: Tree fern facilitation of conifer persistence and angiosperm growth in simulated forests. Journal of Ecology 108: 969-981. Journal.
  • Latham, A.D.M., Latham, M.C., Wilmshurst, J.M., Forsyth, D.M., Gormley, A.M., Pech, R.P., Perry, G.L.W., and Wood, J.R. 2020. A refined model of body mass and population density in flightless birds reconciles extreme bimodal population estimates for extinct moa. Ecography 43: 353-364. Journal.
  • Alam, M.A., Wyse, S.V., Buckley, H.L., Perry, G.L.W., Sullivan, J.J., Mason, N.W.H. Buxton, R., Richardson, S.J. & T. J. Curran. 2020. Shoot flammability is decoupled from leaf flammability, but controlled by leaf functional traits. Journal of Ecology 108: 641-653. Journal.
  • Nield, A.P., Nathan, R., Enright, N.J., Ladd, P.G. & Perry, G.L.W. 2020. The spatial complexity of seed movement: Animal‐generated seed dispersal patterns in fragmented landscapes revealed by animal movement models. Journal of Ecology 108: 687-701. Journal.